Why We’re Expanding to the U.S.


After three years in the U.K., I’ve returned here to my home country to set up IG’s first office outside of London. It’s the opportune moment for the firm, for our increasingly international client partners and for me personally.


More than one-half of IG’s clients have a presence in the U.S. Nearly all of them are undergoing substantial transformations as their industries adapt to the new world. Talent, leadership and organisational change are the issues that come up most frequently. How do we build stronger partnerships? What are the most strategic ways to invest in structure? As leadership consultants whose work is based on evidence and grounded in sound theoretical modeling, we have a role to play in the honest, brave, data-informed conversations taking place in executive offices today.

Businesses today tackle increasingly ambitious goals and face more complex issues than previously imagined. Factors such as the proliferation of remote work and a rapidly shifting merger-and-acquisition (M&A) environment, on top of sophisticated new technologies, make collaboration all-important and test intra- and interdepartmental communication like never before. IG brings a disciplined, pragmatic approach to organisational psychology, working closely with corporate teams to achieve productive and enduring group dynamics.

It starts with asking the right questions and listening carefully to the answers—what’s being said and what isn’t. We respect our clients enough to engage them in authentic dialogue in the mutual quest for solutions. It is an honor for me to undertake these difficult, stimulating, transformative conversations from IG’s new U.S. office.


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