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We are a founder-led leadership advisory firm with offices in London and New York with deep experience partnering with global clients.

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How we work.

Our work is based on our belief that to advise on leadership, you need to:

1. Be brave.  Say the difficult thing. Partner deeply.

2. Leave your ego at the door.  Your job is to develop the heroes on management teams, not be one yourself.

3. Understand growth.  Be excited by it.  Know how it disrupts. 

4. Be expert.  Be flexible.  Be creative. 


Our Work.

Diagnosis is one thing. Turning diagnosis into actions is a whole new ball game.

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What Our Clients Say

  • We hardly ever talked about talent or development; every conversation was about the product, or sales, or marketing. People were constantly guessing how they could get promoted, because no-one knew what the senior management were looking for. It was incredibly frustrating.

    Investment Consultant , Human Capital Team

The Team.

We understand the complex issues facing organisations, and have a strong track record of delivering practical and sustainable solutions. 

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