Developing the talent of tomorrow in the new world


How do you develop talent to lead in the new world, especially as we navigate our way out of lockdown when it is more important than ever?


“The last 12 months have forced many people to reflect on what’s important to them in terms of their careers. Progressive companies are already having conversations with their talent to understand better what is important to their people and then work out how to adapt and hang onto their talent.”

Ann Pickering, Strategic Advisor, IG

We work with organisations to develop their leaders – both current and future. Our collective development programmes are experiential and combine both individual and group-based work to elevate potential and sustain performance. Ultimately, our goal is to build and nurture internal capability for long-term impact – whether that’s through standing up an in-house coaching faculty or designing a development journey for top talent and future potential. Each organisation is unique and our customised development programmes reflect that. 

Collective Development – Driving Performance with Empathy and Compassion

Learning to manage teams remotely involves trust and compassion both of which are critical right now and will continue to be so. Trust is important because it drives discussion and debate which are important for brave, open dialogue that avoids group thinking and encourages innovation and high performance. Your organisation may have a compelling vision, a rock-solid strategy and excellent comms skills, but if there is no trust there will be no results.

“We believe companies should be forward thinking and progressive while placing an emphasis on trust and empathy. Embedding a culture of coaching – along with capabilities and skills – can help leaders and teams make this happen.”

Dan Vacassin, Founder, IG

Compassion is very powerful too; it means conversations you have can be authentic and caring. They enable you to understand how your people are feeling. This can apply to different situations. On an individual level, it is about feeling included in the conversation and this engenders a sense of genuine diversity. For leaders and managers, it is about the ability to have discussions about performance issues which over time turn into performance development.

Coaching Leaders – Transitions and Succession planning

Succession planning may be a complex area. Using a simple process that looks at people in terms of their performance and potential, with an agreed development plan off the back of this is a good place to start. The stakes are high; according to McKinsey, nearly half of all leadership transitions fail. Unsuccessful leadership transition can lead to 20% less engagement and 15% lower performance. Managed well, a successful transition can mean 90% of teams will meet their 3-year performance goals, and the attrition risk for these teams is 13% lower.

 This is where the importance of coaching becomes vital. It can make a huge difference to people who are transitioning into bigger or different, roles within an organisation. Great coaching can ensure the smooth transition to propel both the leader AND the organisation to further success…and clearly it is money well invested! Supporting people on their leadership journey, for example, how to lead former peers, how to navigate corporate ‘diplomacy’ and how to develop culture, reduces potential friction and misunderstandings.

 The culture of a company is the company’s ‘immune system’, and new leaders may unwittingly behave in ways that are not viewed as acceptable. Companies that embed a coaching culture and support their leaders and management are the ones that will succeed. 


“The coaching gave me reassurance about letting go of some of the stuff on my plate. Rather than having to be everywhere at once, I can trust my network of managers to role model the culture we need.”

Senior Leader, IG client

At IG we facilitate transition coaching – for those who moving internally within an organisation and those are new into an organisation and joining from the outside. We also facilitate Executive Insights coaching and development programmes designed to provide leaders with deeper self-insight, identifying what they need to do to succeed both now and into the future.

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