A British Pharmaceutical company - Board team effectiveness

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Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry – helping to embed an evolving culture


The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) represents the UK-based research and development pharma industry, with 90 corporate members and 150 affiliates.

The challenge

The ABPI was expanding its mission as a membership organisation to engage more closely with external stakeholders – such as the NHS and the Department of Health.

As part of this, ABPI had recruited new senior talent, but was encountering issues around integrating the existing Board-level culture with the more outward-facing culture required by the expanded mission. Indigogold was called in to assess the Board’s dynamics, and provide the ABPI’s leadership with the insights needed to move forward.

What we did ­

We worked for six months with the Board members, using a mix of coaching, leadership assessment, and 360 degree development, involving not just Board members but the stakeholders affected by their work.

However, this work led us to move beyond individuals, examining underlying fundamental factors within the organisation. This deeper probe brought to the surface differing views about ABPI’s guardianship role with regard to its members, and its engagement role with organisations beyond the membership.

The result

Our work gave the CEO fresh insights into both his Board and the way that the recruitment of senior talent could help his membership body balance its work on behalf of its members while still engaging with broader stakeholder groups in order to help achieve better health outcomes for patients.

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