Vodafone - #ConnectedSheCan coaching for leadership development

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The context

Vodafone set the bar high for diversity and inclusivity across their global operations. Their newly announced aspiration is 40% female representation in senior leadership roles.

 The #ConnectedSheCan programme was created to:

  • Develop leadership capability in some of Vodafone’s most promising female leaders.
  • Create readiness for senior leadership team (SLT) roles.
  • Build a business ecosystem where female leaders are valued and retained.


The approach

Developing self-insight into participants’ effectiveness both individually and as part of a group.

  • Creating a community of leaders who can share networks and offer support.
  • Providing exposure to senior men and women as the route to enabling proactive career management.


The programme

  • Intensive one-to-one coaching to develop insight and self-awareness, and understand the capability and agility required to make the transition to an SLT role. This began with psychometric profiling, extensive 360-degree feedback, and biographical interview.
  • Modular content with guest speakers to build community, learn from others’ experiences, and ground the work in the organisational context.
  • Group coaching, both face to face and remotely, to share experiences and reflect on the process and learning in real time.


The outcomes

  • The one-to-one coaching was highly impactful as the work could be tailored to participants’ differing situations and objectives. Participants reported increased readiness for SLT roles, significant improvement in self-insight, and greater proactivity in managing their careers.
  • The creation of a close community of individuals able to draw on and provide support in working towards their goals, and in best serving the organisation.
  • Messages to the organisation about how it can strengthen the diversity and inclusion agenda.



 “After all of the development programmes I’ve experienced, #ConnectedSheCan came with something new... I am much more aware of my intent when I go into executive committee, and have started conversations with my CEO about how things can be different. We are truly starting to shape the way things happen.”

Ioana Mihailescu, Director Channel Management & CVM, Vodafone Romania

“The coaching was really powerful – I thought I’d been coached before but this was something new. I started to understand myself at a really deep level…It brought a sense of who I am, and an ability to deal with the stuff that holds me back. The impact has been that I have taken more control of things and am more actively shaping my career while still staying authentic.”

Jan Bibby, Head of Organisation Effectiveness & Change AMAP (Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific), Vodafone Group Services




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