A conversation about integrating cultures


Company culture. Behaviours, practices, and systems – guided by an overarching set of values.

But when it comes to the complex process of integrating cultures, what works and what doesn’t?

We recently hosted a conversation on integrating cultures: discussing whether it’s worth focusing on culture, and if so, how we can use culture to maximise returns.

The participants:

  • Alex Marples, Partner and Director of Consulting at Indigogold
  • Carl Clarke, VP HR Vodafone Czech Republic
  • Byron Clayton, Global HR Leader Technology, Mercer
  • David Deacon, Author of The Self Determined Manager; formerly Chief Talent Officer Mastercard
  • Laura Walker, Business Owner; formerly Director of Organisation Effectiveness at GSK
  • Annekatrin Ott, Vice President HR Global Functions and R&D, Coty Inc


Key takeaways:

  • Culture will happen whether you guide it or not. But will you like the end result if you haven’t guided it?
  • To create a culture shift, you need to establish the right conditions and follow an appropriate implementation strategy. 
  • Leaders and managers have a crucial role to play: but true, long-lasting integration needs buy-in across the business.


To read the full conversation, click on the download link below.


Read the full conversation here

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